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10 Quick Tips about Office Space Leasing

Nowadays, most of the companies prefer office space for lease instead of having their own properties. This is because it helps them in reducing a lot of their real estate cost. Here are 10 quick tips about office space leasing, which you need to consider before taking any lease:

  1. Start looking for Office Space Lease as early as possible. In case you require a small place then you should start searching for the place 12-18 months prior to your lease expiration, similarly if you need larger space, you should start your evaluation 2-3 years prior to the lease expiration.
  2. It’s important to evaluate the building before relocation, consult with an architect or planner to know the optimal space size because you might grow with time and need a larger space for your organization. So before leasing a space keep in mind the growth objective of your organization.
  3. In case you are renewing your old lease, try to consult with other agents to bring in some competition, which will help you in price negotiations and will know the latest trends of the market.
  4. Apart from the rental rate, ask for other concessions which you will get in the long run.
  5. While selecting the space, you should pay attention towards the build out costs; otherwise you might have to pay a lot more than you what you agreed to.
  6. You should be careful while deciding the operating expenses.
  7. In case of a renewal you must pay attention to the lease agreement, to know what are the changes, what more you will be getting more this, and for how long your lease is being renewed for.
  8. Always compare the economic packages offered by the builders, evaluate all the cost factors and then only decide which one is the best for your organization.
  9. Sublease provision is also an important part of your lease agreement, because in case of its poor negotiation you can hamper the marketability of your space.
  10. Look for those places which provide some flexibility, so that you can make some changes in the space as per your requirement and need.

Apart from all these points, it’s also important to look for the location in which you are looking for the space for your office. As the cost may vary from place to place and the features may also differ.

How to Choose a Perfect Retail Space for Lease

Retail Space for LeaseRetail outlets are a lot more than just sales centers. These serve as an identity of the brand or product that is sold in the outlet. This implies that everything to do with the retail outlet should be in sync with the ideology and image of the brand. Retail outlets may be placed in malls, shopping markets, shopping centers and multi-use properties, but the purpose of the property is what should be the deciding factor for the final location of the business. There are a number of factors that affect the choice of retail space for lease. One of the most important factors is the kind of target audience that the business works for. As an example, If the target audience is college going youngsters, the outlet is best placed near a college, cinema hall, in a mall etc. If the target audience is from the home maker segment, the areas of work change to markets, shopping centers etc. This shows that the kind of people that are expected to visit the store help in deciding the location of business, implying that the business should be taken to the clients instead of it being the other way round.

Another important criterion in the choice of leasing a retail outlet is to check the size and condition of the outlet. If the outlet is not in a very good condition and requires a lot of work, it may mean a lot of losses for the business owners, however, if the location is a viable one and there is still some amount of work to be done, the risk is worth taking. The viewership that the retail space for lease gets is also an influencing factor in choosing the place; this is because the business prospect of a more exposed outlet is higher than one that is set in the interiors of a building, out of obvious public view. Finally the accessibility of the retail space should be easy, because if a competitor is in better reach of a client, the client is more likely to go to the competitor, causing the others to lose business. With the right kind of choice in property, the future of the business also proves to be bright.