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High Street Leasing

Make your presence felt in the most prominent and upmarket areas of the city.

High Street Leasing is the newest addition to the Indian commercial real estate scenario. But to understand this type of leasing option, it is important to understand what High Street means.

A 'High Street' is the new urban word for a place where prominent brands and establishments set shop, turning the place into an epicentre of commercial and leisure activities. But, what exactly is it? And where did the phrase come from? Here's a little history.

The British describe 'High Street' as the main commercial or retail street in a town or the village. The Americans have a name of their own. They call it 'Main Street'. Eventually, we Indians, most prone to the British way of English, adopted the phrase to symbolise niche shopping areas.

Over the years, 'High Street' has evolved into something that's not only niche but upmarket too. The name came to be synonymous with high-end retail and commercial establishments.

Today, a High Street is a lane in a neighbourhood or an area in the urban spaces that has commercial spaces to set up prime commercial shops, eateries and office spaces. Simply put, it is the main commercial street where the urban neighbourhood goes shopping or likes to hang out.

These places today house some of the best offices and have some of the best retail stores, eateries, etc. They attract a humongous lot of urban consumers. Hiranandani developers were one of the first developers to use the phrase and make it famous in their Powai-based real estate project, Hiranandani Gardens. Today, their High Street is famous for its upmarket retails establishments, fine dining restaurants and premium coffee shops.

High Street Phoenix made the term all the more common by adding it to the mall's name. One visit to Hight Street Phoenix and you will understand the true meaning of modern High Streets. Several niche brands and fine dining restaurants dote on the place, attracting HNI consumers in plenty.

In today's competitive times, brands are fighting to achieve the most footfalls. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative to find a great location to set up your commercial shop or establishment. This will not only result in better visibility but will also result in better business.

High streets normally command a huge premium because of their location and their ability to attract large audiences. These locations lease like hotcakes. For a standalone commercial establishment, it becomes very difficult to gain access to the best spot in the High Street, let alone lease one successfully.

We, at Exquisite Realtors, have tie-ups with all the prominent real-estate , retail investor, builders and developers in Mumbai. This helps us gain exclusive access to the best commercial spaces in town. As a result, we have a vast inventory of some of the best and finest High Street commercial spaces that can be grabbed on lease. These upmarket premises usually come on long term lease options, which works out great as establishments take time to set up for and attract their loyal consumers.

With our extensive research and vast inventories, we help you choose the right space for your business. We will give you a detailed insight into the leasing scenario and help you discover your best commercial High Street Leasing deal.